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Gain access to a network of MROs, airlines and manufacturers that deal with aviation-specific tooling. Find the tools you need and make money off your own tool stock. Both rent and purchase transactions are supported.

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Access the network

Join our curated network of MROs, airlines, and manufacturers. See the rates and purchase prices of aviation-specific tooling.

Increase speed

Speed of repairs is essential, but some tools can be difficult to locate. Use MROScanner to move the ball forward and quit losing money.

Additional revenue

List your tools to earn income from rental fees and/or sales. Additional revenue stream improves your bottom line and financial efficiency.

How tool rental works?


Post a tool

The owner will post the tools of his/her choice for rent and/or sale. This includes pictures, price, description and other details.

Confirm requested dates

The owner will confirm the availability of the tool or suggests possible alternates to the renter.

Package the tool for shipping

The tool is packaged and made available for shipping by the owner at the agreed time.


Review tools and specify availability

The renter filters the listings, reviews the details of a tool he/she needs and queries the availability.

Optional payment and organize transport

Once the details have been confirmed the renter may provide prepayment, if so agreed, and organize the transportation.

Join the MROScanner network today

As an aviation tool provider, you will increase your income by rental feel and/or tool sales. As a renter, you can conserve capital by renting instead of buying all the tools outright.

What does it cost to implement

4 minutes per tool
anyone can do it!

No setup fees
No subscription fees
No hidden fees

The best network to find and rent aviation
tools and improve your bottom line

Everything you need to know

What types of aviation tools are available for rent?

MROScanner.com platform is designed to support all types of aviation tools and equipment, whether you need specialized aircraft maintenance tools, ground support equipment, or any other aviation-specific tools. We offer a comprehensive marketplace for airlines, MROs, and tool manufacturers to list and find the tools they require.

Which countries in Europe do you cover for tool rentals?

Our mission is to connect aviation professionals across Europe. While our network is currently strongest in Northern and Central Europe, we are actively expanding our reach to cover all European countries. MROScanner.com is your one-stop destination for aviation tool rentals across the entire European continent.
If there is a tool we are missing please do let us know by sending an email to info@mroscanner.com

What's the impact on the bottom line for airlines and MROs?

Our platform is designed for revenue enhancement. For MROs and tool manufacturers, it allows you to maximize the utilization of your tool inventory, increasing your profitability. Airlines can avoid costly investments in tool acquisition and maintenance, positively impacting their bottom line. Additionally, our platform fosters collaboration, potentially leading to new revenue streams for all parties involved.

How does the platform handle tool maintenance and quality assurance?

Tool quality and maintenance are critical in aviation. MROScanner.com encourages owners (including tool manufacturers) to provide detailed information about tool maintenance and quality standards. We will soon also allow renters to rate and review tools, promoting transparency and ensuring high-quality tool rentals.

Is there a fee for listing tools on your platform?

Listing your tools is free.
The platform earns a service fee (paid by the owner) when a rental transaction is successfully completed. This cost-effective model makes it accessible for both tool providers and those seeking tools, ensuring a fair and competitive marketplace.
The commission for rental is 10% of the rental amount and 10% of the purchase amount.

How do you ensure the security of transactions on your platform?

We prioritize the security of all transactions. MROScanner utilizes secure payment processing and authentication measures to protect both owners and renters. Our platform is built with robust data encryption and privacy safeguards to provide a safe and trustworthy environment for all users.

All payments and deposits in connection to any transaction happening on the platform will go through us for an added layer of security.

Do you have additional questions?

Please reach out to info@mroscanner.com

Join aviation tool network and improve your bottom line

Gain access to a network of MROs, airlines and manufacturers that deal with aviation-specific tooling. Find the tools you need and make money off your own tool stock. Both rent and purchase transactions are supported.